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by Martinique, Daniel Ca. and Matthew

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Brachiosaurus means "arm reptile" or "arm lizard." Brachiosaurus had a long neck and it was big. It is the tallest dinosaur we know about. The brachiosaurus had a head he was tall and heavy. He lived on land. The brachiosaurus was a plant eater. It lived in the rain forest. This dinosaur was a giant but its mouth was tiny. Its nostrils were on top of its head. It ate and ate and ate to fill up its big body. Brachiosaurus was about 50 feet tall and 85 feet long. Its nostrils were above its eyes. Many people call this dinosaur long neck brach-io-saur-us, which means "thunder reptile." It is possible that the ground did thunder and shake when these dinosaurs walked across it. Skeletons of the brachiosaurus have been found in Colorado and Tanzania.

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