2nd Grade Curriculum

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Second Grade Yearly Plan

Second grade is a year of transition and growth in many areas. With guidance and support we begin to work more independently, handle greater responsibility, enjoy reading for pleasure and explore social relationships.

Reading and Language Arts

We focus on rich literature and read from a wide range of genres including realistic and historical fiction, non-fiction, biographies, folk tales, fantasy and poetry in order to practice and improve our reading skills and to stretch our comprehension. During the winter months Martin Luther King, Jr., Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Tubman and other famous Americans come alive in our classrooms as we read their biographies and study their lives and accomplishments in depth. In the spring we experience life on the Zuckerman farm as it unfolds in E.B.White’s Charlotte’s Web. Our literature discussions often lay the groundwork for our writing projects. We use graphic organizers to focus our thinking and the writing process to write, edit and publish our work.


We explore Math using a variety of manipulatives and materials. We focus on addition and subtraction of larger numbers with regrouping, money, time, geometry, fractions, and measurement. In the fall we practice addition and subtraction facts through eighteen in order to develop greater speed and accuracy. We also analyze and practice solving word problems. We then write original Halloween and Thanksgiving word problems and compile them into class practice books. In late fall we begin a thorough review of place value in preparation for our introduction to the concept of regrouping. Throughout the winter months we review and practice regrouping as we study money and time. During the spring our unit on measurement enables us to measure, record and compare the growth of our "adopted" pigs at the Stone Barns in conjunction with our reading of Charlotte’s Web. We conclude the year with an introduction to the concept of multiplication.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we learn about groups of people, different types of communities, rules and laws and needs and wants. Our Social Studies curriculum is often integrated with our literature themes as we study the geographic features and cultural similarities and differences of our story settings and use maps and globes to locate these places around the world. We read biographies to learn about important people, places and events in our country’s history. Throughout the year we add these people to our clothesline biography time line.


The second grade Science program includes units on; leaves, bones/the skeleton, volcanoes/earthquakes, electricity, worms, simple machines, light/sound, and solids/liquids. We also include topics based on student interest. Our emphasis is on observation, discussion and hands-on participation in classroom activities and Science Lab experiments. Our Science curriculum is integrated with other areas whenever possible. In January we learn about electricity and make circuits in the Science Lab while reading about Ben Franklin. As we read Charlotte’s Web, we often do "independent" research projects about spiders, pigs and other farm animals of interest.

In second grade we often begin our research in the Computer Lab and end there by creating a culminating project which we showcase on our class web pages. We invite you to visit the school’s home page and our individual class pages to see our most recent projects and some of the work that our second graders have created in the last several years.

Special Areas

Second graders are involved in many special area programs including:

French/Spanish- 3 x 20 minutes per week
Computer Lab- 2 x 44 minutes per week
Science Lab- 1 x 44 minutes per week
Art - 2 x 44 minutes per week
Library - 1 x 44 minutes per week
Music- 2 x 44 minutes per week
Physical Education- 2 x 44 minutes per week



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