daughter of a southern plantation owner

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-1860-, Tuesday

Dear Diary,
I’m worried, papa said that that ole Lincoln is gonna destroy everything the south has come to be. See Lincoln has been runnin' for President and papa's afraid that he may win. He said that the Northern Democrats have split up so they have to choose different people to run for president. The Northern Democrats chose Stephen Douglas, the Southern Democrats chose John Breckinridge. The Whig party chose John Bell, and the Republicans chose Lincoln. Papa says that the Northern Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Makin' such a big fuss, just because the Southern party wanted the party to support slavery in the territories. What a shame he always tells me. Papa just tells us all to pray that Lincoln don’t win! I’m prayin' but I really don’t like the idea of slavery either. But I could never tell papa that. He’d beat me ta DEALTH!!



-1860- Thursday

Dear Diary,
Papas been runnin' around this house so angry. Yup, Lincoln won the election. Papa said the South is destroyed, and that the Union is BROKEN!! Now that Lincoln has won Papa says that this means that the South no longer has a voice in the national government. Papa said that we, the south, are going to leave the Union.
Love, Sarah
Write in you soon!!




Dear Diary,
We the South have done it. We have seceded from the Union. The North drove us to do it. Of course that’s what my papa says. I overheard him tellin' one of his friends that plantation owners didn’t want this to happen. All they asked was if they could extend slavery. He also said that extending slavery was going to help the economy. The southern state really has to stick together now that we are another state. Even mama says that we had every right to secede. The Declaration of Independence says that "It is the right of the people to alter or abolish" a government that denies the rights of citizens. Papa’s friend told us that Lincoln is a no good man. And all he wants to do is destroy the Southern states. He also said that if Lincoln would deny the right to own slaves war would break out, and he would be ready.
Gotta go
Write in you later.
Papa don’t have to fight



Dear Diary, Tuesday
I’m really scared. Living in Alabama at this time is not a good idea. Papa says everything will be all right, but I could hear in his voice that there will be war. Papa said that President Lincoln might instigate a war, but I don’t think he will. I have ta eat. I’ll write in you later. –Sarah-



Wednesday, Dear Diary,
Daddy said that Confederate troops controlled nearly all forts, post offices, and other federal buildings in the South. The Union only held three forts. Papa says that there will definitely be a war. No matter what because the troops have already taken over mostly all forts.
Love, Sarah
I’m scared



Dear Diary,
The Fort Sumter is the most important fort, because it guards Charleston Harbor. The confederacy didn’t want to give it to the Union. But the Union wants it. They wanted to take it over. The Union was the cause of the war. They refused to give in, so the south had no choice but to fire.
Love, Sarah
All I wish and pray for is that the North and South will make peace.



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