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Pretend that this is a page from the diary of a fifth grader who lived during the Civil War Period. Fill in the missing information.


November 1860 _______________________was just elected to be our next president.


December 20, 1860 _______________________decided to leave the Union today. Everyone is shocked by the decision.


February 1861 The Southern states that have seceded from the United States and have formed the ___________________
They even chose their own president! His name is______________________________________.


April 12, 1861 There is big excitement everywhere. The war has begun. The Confederates just attacked _______________________________________.


July 21, 1861 The Confederate army won a battle today outside Washington D.C. It was called the battle of _________________________.


June 1, 1862 The Confederates selected a new general in-chief of the Confederate armies. His name is ___________________ _________________.


January 1, 1863 The front page of every newspaper has a copy of President's Lincoln's document to free slaves. It is called the __________ _____________________________________.


May 4, 1863 General Lee is a great general. Even though he had fewer soldiers, he defeated the Union army today at _________________________________.


July 4, 1863 The Union army won two very important victories yesterday and today. They were at ______________________ ______________ and ______________________________.


April 9, 1865 It's over! It's over! The war is over! General Lee did not want his men to lose their lives in an impossible battle. He surrendered at ____________________________.
April 15, 1865 Terrible news. President Lincoln has been __________. It was done by a man named____________________________ ________________________________________. The president died early this morning. What a sad day. Everyone is mourning the loss of this great leader.

Word Box

Bull Run Robert E. Lee Emancipation Proclamation
Fort Sumter Abraham Lincoln Confederate States of America
John Wilkes Booth South Carolina Chancellorsville, Virginia
shot Jefferson Davis Appomattox Court House
Vicksburg and Gettysburg


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