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Civil War Diary Entries

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        The 8th grade class wrote Civil War Diary entries.  They could choose different points of view and write about a selection of different events according to the points of view that they selected. We hope you enjoy them!


Four events:

the election of President Lincoln
the secession of South Carolina
the formation of the Confederacy
the attack on Fort Sumter

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Points of View:
the son/daughter of a South Carolina planter (plantation owner)
a northern abolitionist
a slave who secretly learned to read and write

Read some of our entries:
Diary of a Northern Abolitionist by Jeanette
John Hicks, The Journal of a Young Slave Boy  by Jeanette

A collection of views, by Chanel
Sarah, daughter of a Southern Plantation Owner by Latisha
Susan Smith, a Georgia Slave by Cori

Adrian Oliver, daughter of a South Carolina Plantation Owner, by Cori
Mary Simmons, daughter of a South Carolina plantation owner by Muniba
Anthony, a South Carolina slave who can read and write by Muniba

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Awarded Nov. 1999

Image Sources:
http://lcweb.loc.gov/exhibits/african/afam006.html Wendell Phillips & Burns
http://lcweb.loc.gov/exhibits/african/afam007.html John Brown
Library of Congress' Selected Civil War Photographs
& the Library of Congress African-American Mosaic]
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