Children of the Civil War

"Not much is written about the youngsters who went to war. The picture above is of my great grandfather and his father.  At age 11 Richard Wood went to war with his father William Wood. Richard was too young to carry a rifle so he tended the wounded and dying. At Savage Station, Virginia he also helped to bury some of the dead. 

William Wood his father, who at the same age had been a translator for King Dinnam, the Zulu chief. Apparently he thought is was a normal thing to do ... take his son into the war.

The picture is a family heirloom and hangs on my wall along with the rest of the clan.  I have been searching for many years trying to find the Civil War unit in which they both served. It is my belief that they were living somewhere in New York state when they enlisted.

More about Savage Station:

Contributed by Mr. Robert Dean Wood