Charlotte's Web Trivia Crossword Puzzle #2
by Danielle, Jamie, Jonathan, Lara and Nura

4. How many babies did Charlotte have?
(Three words, See p. 145 in Charlotte's Web)

1. What was the second word that Charlotte wove in her web?

     (See p. 94 in Charlotte's Web)
2. Who told Wilbur he was going to die?
(Two words, See p. 49 in Charlotte's Web)
3. What color did Lurvy use to paint the words ZUCKERMAN'S
    FAMOUS PIG on the side of Wilbur's crate?
(See p. 119 in Charlotte's Web)
5. What do the initials E.B. in E.B. White's name stand for?

(See: Charlotte's Home Page)


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