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Charlotte's Web List Poems

     After reading some list poems by other second graders, we decided to try writing some of our own about Charlotte's Web. First we wrote one as a class. Next we brainstormed a list of titles/topics and we each picked our favorite. Then we listed ideas and descriptions about the characters and the sights and sounds on a farm and at a county fair. Once we got started, it was easy and fun. We hope you like our poems!

Sounds on a Farm…
By Max

Tractors make loud sounds when they are mowing hay
Cows mooing outside the barn
Pigs snorting in their pig pens
Horses galloping around a field
People shaving wool off of sheep.

Animals on a Farm…
By Maggie

Chickens in the coop.
Pigs running back and forth.
Horses being ridden all around.
Cows standing in the field.
Sheep are growing wool.
A framer feeding the animals.
The farmer's assistant working in the field.
Now all the animals are eating.
Pigs finishing eating so they roll in the mud.
Chickens finish eating so they sit on their eggs.
Horses finish eating so they stand in the pen.
Cows finish eating so they graze in the green, green grass.
Sheep finish eating so they talk to their young.

What it's Like to be on Zuckerman's Farm
By Robert B.

A smelly place to be
A lot of chores to do
Pigs eating fast
Horses doing work
Sheep getting sheared
Cows getting milked
Tractors picking up haystacks
Farmers planting seeds
Dogs rounding up sheep
Chickens laying eggs
Farmers collecting honey
Farmers getting vegetables
Hay being put in the hayloft
Baby chicks taken to the brooder.

Welcome to the Barnyard
By Rose

Sheep doing their job
Babies getting born
Horses grazing in the grass
Cows feeding their babies
Pigs rolling in the mud
Chickens hatching eggs
Farmers putting up fences
Farm animals loving their babies
Tractors starting their engines
Sheep dogs loving and caring for their puppies.

A Day in the Barnyard
By Erik

Farmers cutting grass
Tractors in the fields
Farmers planting corn
Cows eating grass
Tractors making noises
Farmers picking weeds
Farmers fixing fences
Lawn mowers going back and forth.

A Day on a Farm…
By Geena

The sweet smelling grass,
A farmer plowing the fields,
Chickens laying their eggs,
Tractors working away,
Cows teaching their young babies to walk,
Horses eating their oats,
A trough full of food,
Pigs not staying in one spot,
A first born lamb taking a look at its new home,
Hay bales stacked up one by one,
Cornfields that are tall,
Horses put out to pasture,
Baby pigs following their mother,
Dogs barking away,
Cows munching grass.

Charlotte's Web is About…
By Griffin

A spider named Charlotte.
A pig named Wilbur.
A girl named Fern.
A fat rat named Templeton.
A fat and strong guy named Uncle.

Animals on the Farm…
By Kira

Chickens in coops
Roosters cock-a-doodle-doo
Sheep getting sheared
Horses getting saddled
Pigs getting fat
Cows getting milked!

At the Country Fair
By Noel

Children having fun
Eating a lot of junk
Riding a lot of rides
Playing a lot of games
Buying a lot of stuff
Winning a lot of prizes.

At the County Fair…
By Sean

There is a ferris wheel,
There is a roller coaster,
There are bumper cars,
There is a food place,
There is a snack bar,
There is a spider ride,
There is a monster ride.

Charlotte's Web is…
By Noel

A story about friendship
About a beautiful spider
About a pig named Wilbur
A girl named Fern
And a fat rat named

Wilbur and Charlotte…
By Danielle

Wilbur is nice,
Wilbur has feelings,
Charlotte is a good friend,
To the very, very, end.

Sounds on the Farm…
Robert S.

Pigs making snorts
Sheep going baaaaaaaaa
Cows grazing and going moooooo
Chickens making clucking sounds
Horses going wild and making galloping sounds
Tractors making vroooom sounds
Dogs barking.

The County Fair is…
By Kimberly

The exhibits that are fun
The sweet smelling treats
All the animals that get blue ribbons
All the games and prizes you win
Having fun on the Ferris wheel.

At the County Fair
By Daniel

The Ferris wheel goes round and round,
Templeton gets fat at the fair,
The bumper cars bump,
People buy a lot of ice cream,
The roller coasters go upside down,
Wilbur and Uncle get a prize.

Animals on a Farm…
By Samantha

Pigs in the mud,
Horses in the field,
Cows eating grass,
Sheep getting sheared,
Chickens warming their eggs,
Dogs barking away,
Spiders spinning webs.

Charlotte's Web is…
By Joelle

A story about friendship,
A story about a pig named Wilbur,
A story about a spider named Charlotte,
A story about animals and how they live,
A story about farmers and what they do.


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