by Angelica and Alyssa

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        The space race is a very important part of the year 1965. Skateboarding also is becoming popular. Diet Pepsi comes out in the U.S. Many popular bands release songs that are still recognized today. The lava lamp is being sold in 1965. Soft contacts are new. Health is an issue, so Congress makes cigarette companies put a health warning on cigarette packs. Congress also approves the Higher Education Act, which lends money to kids to help them afford college. The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon, is first performed. The Voting Rights Bill is passed, which says that it is illegal to try to stop anyone from voting based on literacy.

38th Annual Academy Awards:
Best Picture: The Sound of Music 
Best Actress: Julie Christie in Darling
Best Actor: Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou

Emmy Awards:
Outstanding Drama Series: The Fugitive
Outstanding Comedy Series: The Dick Van Dyke Show (CBS)

8th Annual Grammy Awards:
Song of the Year: The Shadow of your Smile, Tony Bennett
Best New Artist: Tom Jones
Record of the Year: A Taste of Honey, Herb Alpert
Album of the Year: September of my Tears, Frank Sinatra


1960  1961  1962  1963  1964  1965  1966  1967  1968  1969