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by Eliza

The 1940s was a decade in which we learned that "Freedom isn't Free." Not only did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor in 1941 but the United States also entered WWII and by the end of the war became the most powerful nation in the world. The citizens of the U.S. pulled together to help their fellow man at war and to defeat the communist powers in Asia and Europe. Many boys lied about their age just to help their country in the war effort. As the war ended the world discovered the horrors of the Holocaust. Jewish refugees found a home as Israel became a state in 1948. The civil rights movement had its beginnings in the 40s and it would change the U.S. forever. The first, black professional baseball player was signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947. Big bands dominated the radio with legends such as Duke Ellington, Bing Crosby, and Frank Sinatra filled homes. Alongside them were performers such as Billy Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dizzie Gillespie. The 1940s was a time of growth and learning for the U.S. It was a decade that will forever be remembered for bring great change to our way of life.

Editors note: The 8th grade graduating class of 2001 at Pocantico Hills School has researched the 1940s and pointed you to some highlights from this amazing decade. We did this work as part of a six week computer course. The purpose of the work was to learn about different search engines, how they work, use them to find information and finally to evaluate the information we found. After the students finished these web pages they used Power Point to create presentations to teach their classmates about the year they studied. Those teachers who are visiting may be pleased to discover we are pointing to some excellent primary source documentation that you may find useful in your classroom. We are not experts and we know that we only covered some of the important topics. If you feel we left out something "very important" please let us know. Meanwhile, enjoy your visit!

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