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By Veronica and Caitlin

The 1920's were a time of change and rebirth. This decade was known as the Roaring 20's and the Jazz Age. WWI had just ended and people were looking to celebrate. People now treasured the importance of each and every day and wanted to live life to the fullest!

One of the biggest changes was in women. Many became known as Flappers and doing things "normal" women had never done before! Not only did fashions change for women but they finally acquired the right to vote. This would be the first time women would have the opportunity to experience many new things.

Factories were focusing more on manufacturing consumer goods. Famous baseball players made history, and the U.S. took home the most medals at the Olympics that year. Jazz music swept the country and Duke Ellington would become one of the most famous names in Jazz.

The stock market soared to an all time high, partially because of the new concept of buying "on margin." With this you could buy a stock with only paying 10%, and the bank would pay the other 90%. However, when the stock market crashed in October 1929 the Great Depression began. No one knew that an all time high would turn into an all time low!

There would no longer be spontaneous buying. Starvation, jobless men and women would replace it, and banks and stores would be closing all over. The 1920's ended in a devastating disaster. 

We hope you enjoy looking back in time through our eyes.

Editors note: The 8th grade graduating class of 2002 at Pocantico Hills School has researched the 1920s and pointed you to some highlights from this amazing decade. We did this work as part of a six week computer course. The purpose of the work was to learn how to use search engines effectively and learn how to evaluate the information we found on the internet-not an easy task. After the students finished these web pages they used Power Point to create presentations to teach their classmates about the year they studied. We are not experts and we know that we only covered some of the important topics. If you feel we left out something "very important" please let us know. Meanwhile, enjoy your visit!


1920   1921   1922   1923   1924   1925   1926   1927   1928   1929

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