by Chase, Paul & Tomislav

Canadians call Ontario "Canada's Heartland." It is the most populace province in Canada. The population of Ontario is 11,874,400. We had learned about Ontario in school and we really wanted to see it for ourselves so we found a tour bus that took us through Ontario's cities. We were in Windsor, Ontario. We saw a Croatian dance group at a club. We took a ferry to Port Huron and then moved on to our next stop.

London was one of the most populated cities we visited. We visited the government building. We found out that the population of London is 325,600. Then we went to the Pioneer Village, a reconstructed 19th century community. There the guide told us that Colonel James Graves Simcoe founded London in 1792. London, Ontario is located in Middlesex County on the Thames River. Their main tobacco- growing region is near the city. There are lots of colleges in London. There is the University of Western Ontario, Huron College, Brescia College, Kings College and a large community college. We decided to visit the University of Western Ontario. It was originally a Church of England. The first students graduated from Western in 1883. Then we decided to head off to Niagara Falls.

When we went to Niagara Falls I met Jim Carrey. Chase and Tomislav were astonished to meet JIM CARREY! He made his famous "play dough face" for us. When we went to a history museum in Niagara Falls we learned about Ontario. We learned that the flower of Ontario is White Trillium (also called white lily) and the bird is common loon. The motto of Ontario is "loyal she began, loyal she remains." While we were leaving we saw a rainbow over the falls. It was so beautiful!

Mississauga is very close to Toronto. In Mississauga we decided to go to the site of Erindale College. We decided to take a day of school there. The college is a part of the University of Toronto. In a history class we learned that Mississauga was considered part of Toronto in the early 1800's. In 1868 the town was named Mississauga, for the people who had settled and had lived there. We also learned that the population of Mississauga is 624,000 and that it is Canada's 6th largest city.

When we went to Toronto, we went to a Shania Twain concert and had a back stage tour. We met Shania Twain. She is a famous singer from Ontario. After that, we went to the capital building in Toronto and met the Premiere. Toronto is the capital of Ontario. Toronto is one of the most populated cities in Ontario. The population of Toronto is 2,385,400. The average temperature of Toronto is 7.8 degrees centigrade. The average precipitation of Toronto is 790 millimeters (31 inches). We went to a Museum of Toronto History and famous deceased people. Did you know the currency of Canada is the Canadian Dollar? Toronto has a football team, the Argonauts. Off to the Algonquin Provincial Park.

Algonquin Provincial Park is located northwest of Ottawa. The ark is about 3 square miles. There are many events that go on there such as, conducted walks and canoe outings. We went on a canoe outing. The guide showed us many animals and plants around the park. We saw moose, coniferous and deciduous forests, rabbits and otters. We were in such awe that we didnít pay any attention to what the guy was saying about white rapids coming that the boat tipped and we fell in the water. We were SOAKED. The water was pretty warm though. At sunset we made camp. Before dinner we went out to a mile long grassland and watched the sun go down; it was a gorgeous site. The next day we canoed back to the main office. This time we paid attention. Then it was off to Timmins.

Before we did anything else we went to visit Mr. Bill Belsey. He created a website called www.bullying.org. At this website kids can write stories about when they were bullied and how they dealt with it. The founder of Timmins is Noah Timmins. The population of Timmins is 47, 461. We went to Mattagami Fun Park. We bought tickets for 5 laps around a go-kart track and guess who won. Chase! We were very tired and decided we should go to our next destination that is Quetico Provincal Park.

In this provincial park there is Crane Lake a beautiful tourism place. Crane Lake is one quarter million acres big including its waterways. There are quite a few activities you can be entertained by. We picked the bog walk. This is a path that goes right through the wetland area. We saw fish jumping out of the water. It was very peaceful and we wanted to stay longer but we had to go to our final stop, Woodland Caribou Provincal Park.

Woodland Caribou Provincal Park is located between Red Lake and the Manitoba border. It is home to many woodland caribou. It is Ontario's fifth largest park. It has an estimated 1,600 canoe routes. There are even unnamed lakes! It was beautiful. Then it was time to head on to Manitoba.

We enjoyed our time in Ontario and we recommend this province as a vacation site.

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