What Is Bobsledding?
By Daniella

Bobsledding is an Olympic sport that uses a long narrow sled that slides down an icy shoot. There are two types of bobsledding, a two man bobsled and a four man bobsled. The point is to start on top of a hill, and the bobsledders are out of their sled. Then they will run down the shoot about 228 feet. Then all the team members will get into the sled as fast as they can before they get to the first turn. Then the members will control the sled but try to go as fast as they can until they reach the finish line. Finally which ever team goes through the obstacle the fastest will win!!

What Equipment do Bobsledders Wear?

Bobsledders where tight, fitting stretchy, body suit. Also goggles, definitely a helmet because itís an extremely dangerous sport. Other things they where are padding, gloves and shoes but the shoes are gripped at the bottom because the bobsledders donít want to slip on the track.

On the track

There are many specific things you would need to know on the bobsled track. Did you know that professional bobsled tracks only can have about no more then 19 turns? This year the bobsled track in Turin has 19 turns and 1,435 meters long. The most practical part of the run is called Toro which is 3 turns (6-7-8) right near each other. The average speed is 130 k.p.h. The track can be very icy. The first turn is about 228 ft. from the starting line.

Whatís a bobsled?

A bobsled is a long narrow sled used for either a 4 man team or a 3 man team. They go up to 118 miles per hour but their average speed is 60 to 90 miles per hour. The maximum weight of a 4 man bobsled is 1,389 and the maximum weight of a 2 man bobsled is 827 lb.


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