Matthew Henson
by George

Matthew Henson was born in 1867 and died in 1955.  He made many expeditions to the North Pole with a man named Richard Peary.

On his first trip, Henson met Eskimos who he became friends with. They gave him the nickname "Miy Paluk," which means "my brother." They taught him their language and helped him learn how to handle a team of 8 or 12 dogs through the snow and ice.

On April 4, 1909 Matthew Henson, Richard Peary and four Eskimos finally reached the North Pole. It was Henson who planted the American flag there. Matthew Henson was important because he showed members of the expedition team how to build igloos and other things they needed to know in order to survive the four hundred mile trip to the North Pole.

Matthew Henson has become a legend with the Eskimos. He also received the Navy Medal for his contribution and was recognized by President Truman and President Eisenhower for his accomplishments.


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