George Washington Carver
by Ashley

George Washington Carver was born many years ago as the son of a slave. His mother disappeared when he was just a baby so George was raised b another family.

George learned to help his new family in their garden. He loved to plant things and watch them grow. As he got older he also found that he loved going to school

George Washington Carver always knew that he wanted to go to college. It was very unusual for a black man to go to college at that time. George felt very lucky when he was finally able to go to college. He worked so hard and was so smart that the college asked him to stay and become a teacher of science when he was done with his studies. But George had already decided to move to Alabama where many poor farmers lived. He thought he could help the poor people with the things he learned in college.

George showed the farmers how to grow better crops. When he told them he thought they should grow peanuts they were surprised. Many people thought that peanuts were hardly better than weeds. But George convinced them. He proved that peanuts were delicious and healthy. Because of George Washington Carver we enjoy peanut butter and other peanut foods today.

George Washington Carver died in 1943. He was 79 years old.

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