Lewis and Clark discovered a total of 178 new plants.

Lewis and Clark drew plant, animal,, trail and water maps.


Lewis and Clark

By Casey

Map of Lewis and Clark Trail
picture from: http://www.noaanews.noaa.gov

Lewis and Clark discovered many things for Americans, including the exploration of the Louisiana territory. They set up trade with the Native Americans, discovered new plants and animals, and created maps of the region that they explored.

When Lewis and Clark were traveling they found a Native American camp ground. The Native Americans were friendly. The Indians sold horses to the explorers to help them travel to the Rocky Mountains. A Native American girl from the Shoshone tribe, named Sacagawea helped the explorers bargain for horses. The Shoshone tribe helped them build canoes so that the explorers and Sacagawea could cross the Missouri River. They traded supplies for food in order to get what they needed.

One of the major accomplishments of Lewis and Clark was the discovery of new plants and animals. One animal was the Prairie dog. Lewis and Clark called it a barking squirrel. They also discovered the bobcat and coyote. Lewis and Clark discovered a total of 178 new plants. One of which was the Osage orange plant. It is a spiny tree with inedible fruit.

While Lewis and Clark were on their journey they drew animals, plants, trail and water maps. The animal maps are drawings of animals they had seen. Trail maps tracked where Lewis and Clark had been. The water routes that were used for traveling were drawn and plant maps showed the parts of the plants and gave a diagram.

Now you know about the Indian trading during the Lewis and Clark expedition. They discovered many new plants and animals and different kinds of maps they made of the region they explored.

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