Thomas Edison was the first one to succeed in making the electric lamp.

The phonograph was alive for 130 years.



 Invention of Thomas Edison

by Timothy

Thomas Edison
Library of Congress

Thomas A. Edison is very important because he invented a lot of important things Americans have used and still use today. Among other things, Edison invented the movie camera, the phonograph and the electrical lamp.

The movie camera brought action to life because of Edison. The first two videos he made were called, The Life of a Fireman and The Story of the Train Robber. The kids back then loved that movies and Edison made a lot of money off of them. However, he received his reward by watching the children enjoy the movies.

Edison also invented the electrical lamp. Inventors tried to make this but did not succeed.  So Edison wanted to be the first one to make it AND IT WORKED!  He worked on it for two years.  This lamp uses gas electricity and coal.  He used chemicals from his laboratory for almost two years to figure out this invention.

Mr. Edison also invented the phonograph.  Even though we do not use a phonograph in today’s society it was used for many generations. The phonograph works as a recorder by the sound entering a horn that vibrates a needle that causes indentations on a turning cylinder covered with tin foil.  To listen to what you have recorder the indentation on the cylinder will vibrate the needle and diaphragm on the opposite side then the sound exits the horn.  This allows the human voice to be heard. From the phonograph in 1887 to the iPods in 2007, 130 years went into the incredible invention.

When he died his entire hometown, put their lights on to remember this famous inventor.  Thank you Edison because of your inventions our lives are very different today.

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