Women fought for this law for 70 years.

Alice Paul went on a    hunger strike.


  The 19 Amendment

By Lila

Women Protesting
Library of Congress

Women made a lot of sacrifices for what they wanted. They did many things to achieve this goal. They also had to overcome many obstacles. The 19 amendment was how women got and have equal rights as the men. The 19 amendment started in 1878 and passed in 1920. Women had to fight for this law for 70 years.

Before this law, women traditionally had to stay home and take care of the children while the men worked. Many women got fed up and wanted education and jobs. So these unstoppable women fought for freedom. A lot of them did not give up.

Alice Paul was arrested for protesting every where because she wanted women to have equal rights. Because of this she was sent to jail. She went on a hunger strike until she was free and got treated the right way. The people who worked in the jail cell did not like this and could not allow this to happen. So they stuck a tube down her throat and forced food through the tube. These women did a lot of crazy things by living their own lifestyle.

Two people who helped to pass this law, but one of them was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They were partners in the women’s movement. Even though they had their disagreements, they kept it to themselves. Elizabeth was the person who wrote the Declaration of Sentiments. The declaration was based on those principles. She also founded the New York’s temperate society. Temperate society is self-restrain in action.

While Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were walking to a town meeting they were robbed. These bad people pelted them with vegetables, rotten eggs, and clods of mud. Their audience was cheering so loud that the women could not be heard.

All these people who were fighting for this law, all became great friends and helped and encouraged each other as much as they could. But the two main women who helped this law change were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. But they had a lot of differences. For example, Stanton was short, stout, and responsible for a fairly large family. Anthony was thin, single, and had a small family. But both were good at handling things very well.

As you can see these women who fought for this law were amazing people. What these women did really affect how the women live today. All these women really wanted to make this happen and they succeeded. I really do not know if they didn’t stand up and make this law happen! Women now got the right to vote thanks to the 19th Amendment!

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