Eskimo Legends

The Girl Who Froze
by Lacey

Once there was a little girl. She was 10 years old and her name was Swahili. One day she was going to kill a seal for supper. Then the seal said,''Do not eat me or I'll freeze you." But the girl said," If I don’t kill you for food my parents will punish me." But if you don’t I will give you an oil lamp for your family to keep warm," said the seal.

So when she got home it was warm. She was so happy to be in a warm room. But then she remembered the seals warning.

So she put on her jacket and rushed outside to the seals home she said, "How come the magic only last till tomorrow night." The seal said, "Because that is the last piece of magic and I didn’t want to waste it because I have more wishes to grant for your people." Then she understood and returned home.


The First Buluga Whale
by Sean

Once there was a girl, her name was Sooky. One day she went down to the sea. She started to make a whale out of snow but she didn't get to finish her whale because her parents called her back to the igloo for a fish dinner.

The next day she went down to the sea and at the end of the day she finished her whale. Then it began to rain and rain. So she went home.

When she returned the next day, she didn’t see her snow sculpture. Instead, she returned to see a real whale that looked like her whale. Sooky swam with the whale every other day.

The Northern Lights
by Ryan

Once there was a boy he wanted to go to the Northern Lights. He went to a caribou. He asked him to take him to the Northern Lights. So the caribou took him to a snowy owl who flew him to heaven. There was a god there. The god said, " The Northern Lights are made of the souls of people that did good deeds." So every time a good person dies there souls become part of the Northern Lights and light up the sky.

So god and the boy watched the Northern Lights From heaven now the boy knows why the Northern Lights are in the sky. The snowy owl flew away. So god had to take him back to the Tundra. He told all the people in his town but they did not believe him.

The Lost Parents
by Ashley

Long ago their lived a little girl named Noah. She had a mom, a dad and a sister. The sister's name is Olea. One day the Nika family went for a ride in their umiak in the Barren Sea. It was very foggy and they went through the fog. They could not see each other and when they got out of the fog their parents were gone. The two girls were by themselves. Then they went back home. They looked all over the tundra for their parents. They met a seal and he asked them if they were looking for their parents. They said, "yes." The seal said that their parents are at the bottom of the Barren Sea. "They are fine", said the seal, "and they love you." But the girls were happy because they knew that their parents were OK.

The Polar Bear
by Alison

 Once there were two children. Their names were Noopa and Sena. They lived in Russia. They wanted to be important to their tribe. So they made a kayak in the shape of a polar bear. There worked so hard to finish the kayak. They used the kayak to catch fish for food.

When the children got older, they became famous. They made more and more. Then the kayak was talking to them. It was amazing, a talking kayak! They were so famous they made a bigger one called an umiak to catch whales.

A Snowy Owl Boy
by Wayne

When the owl was born, it was told to fly. The owl asked how to fly. "You just go up on the tree and jump and flap your wings," said the other owl. So he got up on the tree and he jumped and he fell into a bag of magic snow.

He thought the magic snow would suck him under the ice. But instead the snowy owl turned into a boy. He lived happily ever after.

Why there are no Trees in the Arctic
by Sameer

Long ago there were trees in the Arctic. People used trees for goods and needs. The animal lost their homes, especially the snowy owls. One day the animal council decided to send an animal to go see Iceberg, the polar bear and asked for his help. A snowy owl was chosen.

The snowy owl came to Iceberg house. He said, "Iceberg the council of animals want the humans to stop building their homes here." Ok, I will do some thing. I will make permafrost, long winters and no vegetation for eight months. In seconds trees died, and the animals found new ways to adapt to new homes. But people could not, so they moved. And that is why there are no trees in the Arctic.

How The Seals Get Their Blubber
by Omar

The seals had no blubber because they were born with out blubber. They were so cold when they swam in the Arctic Ocean. They always wanted blubber. But one day they saw a raven flying in the air. The raven flew down. They talked to the seals. The seals said that they needed some blubber to keep them warm. So the raven said, ''I will only give you blubber if you do a task for me ''. He told them that they have to go all the way from Baffin Bay to the Barren Sea and find a gold cube. Then they had to come back and give the raven the gold cube. For doing this the raven would give them blubber to keep them warm. So the seal said that he would start the task tomorrow in the morning.

The seal was hungry he had not eaten for three days. So he ate some fish. He then met a whale. "Where are you going?" said the whale. The seal said, "He was going to the bottom of the Barents Sea." So the whale wished the seal good luck.

The seal went on his way. He was singing a song. He stopped at Iceland for a break. When he finally got to the Barents Sea, he went to the bottom of the sea and got the gold cube.

Now he went back and gave the gold cube to the raven. So the raven gave all the seals blubber. That is how the seals got blubber and keep themselves warm in the icy weather.

Why Penguins Don't Live in the Arctic
by Nina

One day there was a wolf named Nanook and he was getting ready to chow down on some seal. Suddenly he heard "Ork!" Nanook turned around it was a penguin! Before Nanook could say anything the penguin took the seal and ran off with it in it's mouth. Nanook screamed and kicked and then after he screamed and kicked and yelled "Why do penguins always bother me!?" "I haven't ate in three months!"

After he calmed down he got out of his den and into the cold Arctic. He went by the lake, there he saw a strange looking Eskimo rowing his kayak. He said, " Hello, what's your name and why do you look so sad?" Nanook answered, "My name is Nanook and I'm sad because a penguin stole my meal again and I haven't ate in three months!!!" Nupa nodded and said, " Yes penguins have been very annoying these days, one stole and it took me three weeks to find it!" Nanook exclaimed, "You have a wand?!" Yes," said Nupa, didn't I tell you I was a wizard?" Then Nupa said, "Come to my igloo and I'll tell you how I got my powers."

At the igloo Nupa told how he saved Raven from a giant on him. Then the wizard told him, "I'll grant you any wish you want." Nanook thought for a moment, then he said, "I wish that all the penguins moved to Antarctica."

On his was back to his den, he noticed all the penguins were gone! His wish had come true!


The Raven Meets the Whale
by Donny

Once upon a time there was a raven. He went down to the bay to get some fish. Then he saw a huge whale. The whale said to the raven, "What are you doing, waiting for fish?" I'll get you some fish. How many do you want?" 90 of course."0k, I’ll get you 90 fish." I’ll be back in an hour.

Soon he came back and gave the fish to the raven and ate all the fish. The raven asked for more fish. Soon the whale was tired of getting fish for the raven. When the raven went down to the bay the whale wasn’t there. The raven kept looking for the whale in the bay but the whale was too smart. It didn’t come back to the bay again. That is why the whale now lives in the ocean.

Nabita, Sungi and the Light
by Briana

Once there was no light. It was dark 24 hours a day, 7days a week, 52 weeks a year! A girl named Nabita was thinking, "I wish we had light." She paddled her kayak across the lake to where her friend, Sungi, lived. Nabita told Sungi what she was thinking. Sungi agreed. "An old story teller told a story that someone got the sand where the water just touches it, build a ladder up to the sky, climb the ladder, mixed the sand with cloud, and it floated up and brought light to the Eskimos, but not for long. An evil spirit loved the dark, so he killed the man and the light." Sungi said, "How about we try, but watch out for the evil spirit!" Nabita said, "Let's go!"

The next day, they got the sand, climbed up to the sky. And just as they were going to mix it with the cloud, a big voice said, "Don't you make light, or I'll kill you." Nabita said, "Oh great spirit! Can we make a deal of some kind, like there be no light for half of the year, and there be light for the other?" The spirit said, "Well, alright." And that is why there is light for half of the year, and no light for the other half.

Why do Whales Live in the Ocean?
by Debora

Once there was a beautiful blue whale who lived on Victoria Island. Her name was Nilea. She lived on the Tundra. She was getting hungry, and was getting closer to her prey. But she was so large she couldn't move from one place to another.

So one day a male blue whale was watching Nilea. She couldn't catch one fish. Suddenly the male came up to her and said, "Yes.'' Now the male showed her how to use her fins and to get into the ocean for her food. Because of that help she now knows how to catch krill, fish and plankton.

So Nilea and the male whale had a celebration and had a good time. So that’s why whales live in the ocean.

How and Why the Aurora Borealis is in the Sky
by Eric

A long time ago there lived a little boy named Koowa. He lived in Cape Lisburne, Alaska. One night he went on his kayak. Then he took out his slingshot and a couple of rocks. Then he went to the middle of the cape and started to sling rocks in the air.

He wondered if it was possible to hit a falling star. Then he laughed at himself for thinking of such a silly idea. At that very second he saw a falling star. Koowa forgot about everything he said and started to shoot at the falling star. Then a miraculous thing happened. Koowa saw a ball of fire heading towards him. Koowa did the only thing possible, he swam to shore. Then he realized that he hit the falling star, but he was interrupted by a loud bang! It was the falling star, it hit the water. The falling star made a huge splash that went all the way to space. But before it got to space it hit a flock of ravens and brought the ravens up to space too. The ravens were so colorful we can see them from earth. Koowa named the colorful sky the aurora borealis, meaning flock of ravens.


How the Polar Bear got it's White Coat
by Carolyn

Once there was a family that lived near the Yukon River. The parents told their son Nupa he could go fishing by the river. But they didn't know that there were polar bears there. So Nupa started to paddle his kayak down the river were the fish usually swam.

When Nupa saw the polar bears he said, ''A polar bear would be cool for a pet." Then he picked he wanted. He then put the polar bear that was the leader of polar bears in the kayak.

Meanwhile his mom was making dough for a cake. She was putting in a lot of flour in it. Then the polar bear dove into the water. Nupa tried to keep up with the polar bear but he couldn't. When Nupa saw that his bear was heading to his house he said, "perfect."

The polar bear went straight to the house of Nupa. When Nupa's mom saw the polar bear she was so frightened she threw the flour on the bear. He was covered with flour. Since the polar bear was wet the flour stuck to him and it didn't come off. When Nupa came in he told his mom the whole story. His mom said '' why did you get a polar bear without asking for one''? Nupa said," I thought it was nice to have one." "You have to bring that bear back were you found him tomorrow," said his mom. And now I can't make a cake.

The next day when Nupa went back he saw that all the polar bears were white! Not a single polar bear was not white. Nupa said, "Wow, I never saw white polar bears before". Then Nupa put down the polar bear and started to head home. From then on nobody saw a polar bear that was not white.

The First Eskimo
by Anand

Long, long, ago in God's kingdom there was an evil servant making his bed. His name was Uteritsoq . Uteritsoq then went into the weapons room. He grabbed an ax and tried to kill God's pet, a beautiful white stallion.

When God went into the weapons room he saw that one of his favorite axes were missing. So he set out to find his lost ax.

Finally he found a servant who said he saw Uteritsoq walk out of the weapons room, holding something.

God then realized Uteritsoq took his ax and was he mad. When he found him in his pet's room with his pet dead and was he in a rage.

As soon as he saw that he immediately banished him to one of the nine planets. And that planet was "Earth." God was so furious he put him in the most barren place of all. The Arctic. Uteritsoq was the first person in the Eskimo race.

Why Penguins don't live in the Arctic
by Danny

The penguins were busy hunting for fish in the Baffin Bay. They would not play with other animals. They would only stay together. A raven made a decision that if animals were serious they would be kicked off the Arctic. The animals only had two chances, and after the second chance BOOM! They're gone.

The penguins were being serious but when the raven checked on them they were having fun. But the raven snuck in and saw that the penguins were being serious because they were studying how to escape polar bears.

So the penguins had one more chance. The raven checked on them again, and this time they were learning how to swim faster. So the penguins had to live in the Antarctic alone.

Why There Is An Aurora Borealis
by Katherine

Long ago, before the Eskimos or Robert E. Peary discovered the Arctic, a man named Matthew Borealis discovered the Arctic. He arrived in November, when it is dark 24 hours a day. He thought it was lonely in the dark. He thought that he could paint the sky with some bright colors to make the stay there more cheerful, so he made paints out of food. For instance, red was some mashed berries. He made blocks of snow and them on top of each other to make a wall. He leaned his ladder against the wall and began to paint the sky. The clouds were low, so he painted them too.

He lived there for 3 months because he enjoyed the sky so much, but he died on January 31st because of the cold weather. He went to Heaven, and soon the colors from the sky faded. Since he had been such a good man, God let him put the colors in the sky once in a while from November through January, and even let him change the colors. God let him name the colors, and he named it Aurora Borealis, after his daughter.