Crossword Puzzle
by all the 4th graders


2. In _______________ skiers use their knees like shock absorbers.
3. Your skis are shorter that you are if you participate in this sport.
6. _________ is dangerous because you are on your stomach going headfirst.
8. In this sport when you miss a target, you have to do a penalty loop.
9. In the _____, the sled can not weigh more than 50 pounds.
11. In _____________ skaters skate to music with a partner.
14. In ______________ there are Men's and Ladies Singles, Pairs, and Ice Dancing.

1. Prince Albert of Monaco will be on his country's team for this sport.
4. The rink for this sport is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide.
5. This event has the longest course in alpine skiing.
6. In ______________ you launch off a half pipe and do tricks.
7. Skaters in this sport use an oval track that has a circumference of 400 meters.
10. In this Winter Olympic sport you can fly like an eagle.
12. In this sport you have to get a 42-pound stone to travel across the rink.
13. In the __________ you need to be fast like a downhill skier and be able to make turns like a slalom skier.
15. In _______ the racer has to zigzag in between flags that are close together.


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