Ancient Olympic 

  1. The Ancient Olympic Games began as part of a religious festival in honor of ________________.

  2. The ancient Olympic Games began in what year? _________________

  3. There was a separate festival for women in honor of ________________.

  4. Ancient athletes competed as __________________ not as members of a national team. 

  5. The pentathlon was added during which Olympiad? _____________

  6. The competitions adhered to a strict set of rules.
    The second rule barred ________________, _________________ and ___________________ from competing.

  7. Winners were crowned with a _____________________________.

  8. How many wrestling crowns did this competitor from ancient times win? ____________

  9. Who was the founder of the modern Olympic movement? ________________________

  10. When and where did the revival of the Olympic Games take place? __________________ 
     (Hint: Scroll down to Past Olympic Games.)


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