Dear Mammy and Poppy,

I am having a great time; too bad you are not here yet. I am meeting a lot of spectacular people here. The only bad thing is that there is no mall, just a market. Many Surinamers shop here and they buy many useful things like fish, shrimp and other things.

Last night I went to a beautiful festival. In occasions like these, the women wear sewn cotton dresses and handkerchiefs. Many of these dresses are called Koto-Missie dresses. We all danced for a while and then I ate some of the best food ever. For instance boiled plantains, stews prepared with rice, okra, and peas mixed with fish, meat or chicken. This would be good for you mum, since you can't cook.

Ever since I've been here I have been speaking Dutch and I am still learning Taki Taki, weird ha! They have many different languages here.

When it rains it's great to slide on the many rolling hills in Suriname. This region has many good natural resources such as timber, bauxite, iron, ore, nickel, gold, copper, and platinum.

Mammy, you really are not going to like this, but there is whaling here. Marine dumping and ship pollution are a big problem in the wetlands. There are numerous streams including the Maron River. Suriname has lots of trees and wetlands and it there is definitely a lot of rain. Rainfall is heaviest from December to April, when floods occur.

How would you like to eat rice almost every day? Well you might have to. Rice is the top crop here and cocoa, coffee, fruits, bananas, sugarcane and shrimp is popular here too. Suriname is trading partners with Netherlands, Norway, Japan, Trinadad and Tabago.

Suriname has an amazing history. Mum did you that Suriname gained their independence from the Dutch parliament in 1975 under leadership of Henck Arron, the president of Suriname. Slavery was abolished in the area in 1863, and a bargain with British was drawn from immigration in India. The Dutch arrived in 1581 and English traders began to colonize the region during the first half of the 17th century.

You are probably wondering how I got all this information. Well, I met this person, actually it was sort of a guy and we got to know each other. I saw him one day and decided I wanted to get to know him so I told him to wait for me at the corner. Right when I said this, he knew I was flirting with him. In Suriname this is considered a sign of flirting. After this we went out to dinner and I wore a special scarf. When women wear these, it indicates what mood they are in. We had a wonderful time. I actually went to go to meet his parents. There we all told traditional stories.

I really can't wait to till you come and remember to pack shorts, raincoats and some major bug spray.


Love your favorite daughter,


P.S. You guys are not going to believe this but our cousin is actually the first lady of Suriname, her name is Patrica de Leon. I have not been able to meet her yet but maybe when you guys come up here we can all meet her. For now I love you and I hope that you have a great trip up here.