Dear Mommy and Daddy,

heart11.wmf (790 bytes)Peru is great; you'll love it here. I bet you're eating and reading this at the same time, you always do that. But I bet you aren't eating fish, soup, or fruits. That's the main staple for dinner in Peru. Corn, native to Peru, is the main staple in the Indian's diet. People in the highlands eat potatoes, onions, and garlic (which I hate, so we are not going to move there.)

The two most popular languages are Spanish and an Indian language called Quecha. Another Indian language that is also spoken widely is Aymara. Peruvians are taught English as a second language, but not many people know it so you probably have to learn Spanish or Quecha.

The weather in Peru varies widely. Coastal plains are around 68 F throughout the year. It only receives about 2 inches of rain in a year. In the Sierra, temperature range from around 20 F to 70 F. In the mountain region it is extremely hot and humid, but it changes as you cover more height. I think we should move to the coastal plains because I like the weather, but Daddy might not be able to farm there because it gets little rain. Overall I think Peru has the right temperature to bring casual clothing like pants, shorts, T-shirts, and sweaters.

The currency that is used here is nuevos. One of the things that farmers grow here is the cacao bean. I thought that would interest you since you both love chocolates. Other thing that they grow there are, coffee, cotton, sugarcane, rice, wheat, potatoes, poultry, red meat, dairy, wool, and fish.

Peru is only slightly smaller than Alaska. And it’s located in Western South America. It’s between Chile and Ecuador.

The most popular sport in Peru is soccer. Basketball, Volleyball, gymnastics are also favorites. You’ll both fit right in! Families enjoy picnics and movies (just like us.) Sunday is the favorite day for outings. Music is important to most Peruvians. International music is popular, especially to teenagers.

A big part of Peru's history is in the Incas. The Incas are a native tribe in Peru. Inca means "Children of the sun." They lived from 110 AD to 1300 AD. Men stood 5 foot 3 inches and women stood a little under 5 feet. They had copper black skin, black eyes, and thick hair. Did you know that when the Spanish invaded Peru, the area became the richest and most powerful country in South America? I think that’s cool.

Most of people in Peru are Roman Catholic, but there are many other religions too. The population in Peru is 25,573,924, but it gets bigger by 2% each year.

I gotta go; I need to get a new roll of film for my camera.


Gauri XOXO