Dear mom,

Tropcsun.wmf (26164 bytes)Hey mom, Peru is a great place; the main language is Spanish, so have dad start to teach you more Spanish. You like to relax, right, maybe you should try to relax in Cuzco’s main plaza. If I were you I wouldn’t carry a lot of money, because pickpockets and thieves like to hang out there. Try not to get distracted by what’s around you, because that is when the pickpockets strike.

If dad wants to go mountain climbing I would suggest El Misti (El Misti is an arm of the Andes mountain range. Some natural hazards are earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, landslides, and mild volcanic activity.

I know that you like to garden, so I am going to tell you that 3% of the land is arable (good for farming). There is about 1.28 million square kilometers. Peru has a coastline of two thousand four hundred fourteen kilometers.

Some of the plants and animals that live along the coast are the gulls, terns, and some albatross.

Some of the marine life that is located along the western coast is anchovy, pilchard, haddock, sole, flounder, lobster, and shrimp.

The animals in the sierra (The sierra is part of the Andes, it has plateaus, deep gorges, and beautiful valleys.) are the llama, alpaca, vicuna, chinchilla, and huanaco. Well that’s all the information I have to tell you, hope to see you soon.