May 17, 1999


Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi how are you? I am fine. Being in Panama is very nice but crowded. The population is 2,693,417. There are three meals in a day. Breakfast is after 9:00am, a small dinner at 5:00pm, and dinner at 6:00pm. In Panama at meal time hands are kept over the table. Mom we're in luck!! In Panama the Female live longer than the male, but from the ages 14-65. The temperature here stays in the 80's, it is mostly cloudy. I suggest you bring shorts and a T shirt, but bring a light coat just in case.

The best medical care here is in Panama city and Culon. Mom and dad you'll like this. Normally dating starts at age 14 and people marry in the early 20's The official language in Panama is Spanish, and only 14% speak English. Although many Panamanians are bilingual, I suggest you learn Spanish.

Dad I no how you like to garden so there are plenty of plants to garden here. The eastern part of Panama is all rain forest. There are more than 2,000 plants and animals

In America children have to go to school from the ages 7-16. In Panama it isn't very different children from the ages of 6-15 you have to go to school. Daddy, you can be a miner, farmer, fisher, tree cutter, or work for the government. Mom, the woman here will probably teach you some of their Native ways. They will probably teach you how to cook in different ways.

There are some gestures you might want to learn in Panama or you will be considered rude. You have to keep your hands over the dinner table. Witch is good for you dad, because I know how you love to eat with your fingers.

Well Mom, and Dad I have to go I have to do some more research. As soon as I get some more new information I will write. I love you.

Love you,