Dear Mom and Dad,

wpe65.gif (2104 bytes)After being on 4 different planes in five hours, I've finally reached the country of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a great place to live and relax. Even though Nicaragua is not as rich as America, they have very good defense forces, like Army, Navy, and Air force. You may want to bring a Spanish dictionary and learn about Spanish culture, because Nicaragua's culture reflects off of Spanish culture. The reason for that is because Christopher Columbus was the first person to set foot there. There are also places to go, Like taking a tour of the 5 Hydroelectric plants that make up 25% of Nicaragua's Electricity.

You may want to bring all of your light clothes because the heat in Nicaragua is brutal. There are ten big rivers in Nicaragua so you don’t have to worry about being thirsty

Nicaragua also manufactures many goods, like cement, chemicals and petroleum. Some of the regular foods that they eat are pork, rice, vegetables. Those foods can be made into fajitas, tacos, and burritos. Never Ever put your thumb between your index and middle finger because that’s like putting up your middle finger up here.

Did you know that 95% of Nicaraguans are Catholic. Well I hope I gave you enough information about this great country so that you’ll be prepared when you come.

Love your son,

P.S. See you soon!