Hey Everyone-

I am having a great time!!! Haiti is located on the Caribbean next to the Dominican Republic, on the Island called Hispanola. I know that we have traveled through Maryland before and, Haiti is very similar in size to Maryland. Just to tell you Mom, it is very rocky and mountainous so bring hiking boots not HEELS!

The population is 6,611,407 and 95% of Haiti is black and the other 5% are Haitian. The official language is French and Haitian, so Dad, I think you should start going over your old French notes! Mom, I remembered that you hated voodoo (the religion) but there is some of it around here, sorry to say. Others won't stand for it, so I know we will be that kind of family!

The most important things for the economy are coffee, sugar, bananas, corn and rice. Now, Mom, you can have a four star cup of coffee!! Oh! and Chris, there are great mangoes , sugarcane and many other delicious fruits here!

You guys are in luck! You can take an airplane here and there are several small trains. The boys could go canoeing on the wonderful waterways and you could relax on the peaceful beaches. There are also ports and harbors for boating so don't worry transportation. Of course bring all of our cars!

The weather is fabulous the evening lows are very mild, 68 degrees. The highs here are around 94 degrees! The yearly temperature is around 80 degrees or you could easily say hot and humid. April through June is considered rainy periods here and October through November is a more of a normal rain pattern. There are hurricanes and tornadoes too, that is like the only thing that I don't like!

Dad, fishing is very popular here. A major fishing route is right on a migration-fishing route. Chris if you still like hunting (forestry) that is also something that you could do here! There is an unlimited amount of minerals, oil, copper, gold and silver in the thick forests. Pretty cool huh?

Oh Mom I forgot to mention that Haiti is considered a greenhouse with the most exotic flowers you have ever seen! Here we are most famous for orchids and Royal Pointciannas. Palm trees grow 60 ft. tall. The pink flamingoes are so beautiful, and you could sit and watch them all day!

I've been looking at all the cities but I have finally found the place we will stay at. It is called Port-au-Prince or the heart of Haiti! This is a very clean place and woman carry greenery laden baskets (which are just normal baskets) to the market. I think that you will enjoy this city very much because of all its beauty! Just for your information there is a lot of poverty in the cities but not much where I want to live Port-au-Prince and the capital of Haiti is Cap Haitian.

Chris, David and I will have a good education because the schools are very good. When Chris goes to college, he will be able to go the University of Haiti, which specializes in dentistry, law, economics and science. As for the future, Haiti is working hard every day for a better, cleaner place!

I hope my letter was convincing to you and that you still are interested in Haiti. Oh, I almost forgot bring cool and comfortable clothes since it is so hot and don't forget your bathing suits!

Love you always,