June 9,1999

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm having a wonderful time out here. I would enjoy it more if you were here but I guess not now. When you come here I would pack a suitcase full of shorts and T-shirts, it may start to rain so bring an umbrella. In El Salvador's the national sports here are soccer and basketball, so Dad won't have to worry about getting used to new sports. I know how you like to just relax and watch TV so don't worry, some people here may only watch TV, visit family members and go to the movies. When I went to the little markets they have, I thought the money would be different, but I was wrong it's just about the same. The little markets here are pretty good but they're not the best. They sell fish, meat, beans, bread and corn.

Mom, you know how you love to drink coffee with a little something? Well, people here are like you, they drink coffee with biscuits or bread. I could party all night, they have wonderful festivals and parties. The food here is fabulous just that some food here is unusual to me however you have to try something different.

The languages here are Spanish, Nahu and Amerridan, but Spanish is the most spoken here which means you should take Spanish lessons before you come, because I understand you're bad at Spanish. Other wise I'm doing fine. That’s all you need to really know about the languages here.

This place is really not big, for a country like this, but it's a pretty good size. It's approximately the size of Massachusetts. The only worst thing about here is that there are extinct volcanoes.. We also have mountains made up of hardened lava rocks and volcano ashes. Most of the volcanoes are in the south though. So don't worry because were living a far distance away from the volcano. The city were living in is Mijicanos.

The health in El Salvador is OK. The health care system was damaged during the war but therenot anymore so don't worry about dying. The urban clinics and hospital offer better care and at the same time the government is trying to improve conditions. While the war was going, facilities were lacking.

Don't worry about me, the education here is fine because the schooling is free, even private school. That's a sign that I can switch school to go to either public or private schools. The school years are different than at home. School begins in mid January. You also have a choice of law, medicine, engineering, dentistry and economics. Most of the schools are being replaced by new ones.

I can't wait until you guys come and visit me I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as do.

From your #1 daughter,