Dear Mom and Dad,

Image11.gif (6925 bytes) Bolivia's climate and vegetation varies within the country. There is part of the Amazon rain forest. Before we move we need to decide which part of Bolivia we want to live in. In Bolivia there are more than 7 million people. I don't think it would be bad to add us to the population.

La Paz, (the capital) is relatively warm. Men and boys should where T-shirts and pants. Woman should where skirts and T-shirts or dresses.

On the Andes Mountains you can get to where the snow never melts. People need several layers of clothing. Lamas are really important to the people living in the mountains. The lamas' hooves can climb the rocks easily and the fur is very thick (good for clothing.)

The Northeast (part of Bolivia) is part of the Amazon rain forest. You would wear thin clothing because it is so humid and hot. You should bring an umbrella too because this part of Bolivia receives 20% of rain each year.

Any part of Bolivia people speaks Spanish and two other Native American languages. We probably will need Aleks. If we want to go to the beach we need to go out of the country because Bolivia doesn't border the ocean.

Most people in the Amazon eat fruit, small animals, and chocolate. In the Andes Mountains you would mostly eat meat because not many plants grow there. In La Paz you can eat almost anything you can eat in New York City

Bolivia is a very nice place. I'm happy that I'm coming home.

Your son,J