Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi, how are you doing back in New York? I am doing fine, thanks for asking. Anyway, down here is great. Barbuda is located 250 miles southeast of Puerto Rico. The language they speak is English. They have tropical storms from July to October. The capital of Barbuda is Saint John. The sports are fishing, hunting, tennis, snorkeling, diving, or soaking up the sun on the beach. You should bring lightweight clothes. Bring sunscreen and a bathing suit because the average temperature of the water is 50F to 80F. In Barbuda the men wear T-shirts with colorful designs and short pants. They eat roast beef for dinner. The adults in Barbuda like to play cricket. In Barbuda they are 170 species of birds. The most popular bird is the Frigate bird. It is found in the lagoon. It is a water bird that flies over water the most. Its wing span is 4 to 5 feet. You should not bring pets or a lot of clothes. You should not clap your hands. The food there is great because at a hotel the chef cooks in front of you. They do not celebrate Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving. The only thing that they celebrate is Labor Day. It is never hot but in the night it is cool. In the morning people go out to work on the farm for 5 hours or more. They have to wear uniforms to school. They go to school at 5:00 in the morning and get out at 1:00 in the afternoon. In the school the principal would hit you with a belt if you fight. That’s all the information that I can get.