May 17, 1999

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hi Mom and Dad. I am fine. Argentina is a good place to live. Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile border Argentina. I would suggest that we live in Buenos Aires. That is the capital of Argentina. There are good monuments in Buenos Aires.

Bring T- shirts and shorts because the temperature in Buenos Aires is 63 F to 85 F. If you want to live near farms, then you should not live in Buenos Aires because its kind of crowded and there are no farms in the city. Most industries of Argentina are in Buenos Aires. Since Argentina is the country in Latin America that is the closest to South Pole, the hottest month in Argentina is January and July is the coolest.

Argentina is a Spanish speaking country and in Spanish Argentina means silvery island and many riches were found here. There are rich natural resources in Argentina. Petroleum, hydroelectricity, coal, tin, oil, uranium and silver are the natural resources that are found in Argentina. The main crop for people in Argentina that rely on the most is wheat. Argentina's economy is mainly based on agricultural products and live stock.

One of Argentina's main farmlands is the Pampas. They are flat grasslands and lot of vegetation grows there. One of its amazing landforms is the Andes Mountains. They extend from Colombia to southern part of Chile and south west of Argentina. Maybe you would want to visit the Andes Mountains, but you have to get used to the thin air. If you want to live near farms, the Pampas are a good place to settle and raise animals. Fishing and hunting is a way for people to get food. The main rivers of Argentina are Rio de la Plata, Rio Sahdo, Rio Colorado, Rio Negro and Iguacu River.

Education is free and also compulsory for kids from ages six to fourteen. There are many private universities and 25 national universities. One of Argentina's major universities is in Buenos Aires. The national library of Argentina is in Buenos Aires and it is also the leading library. Argentina's literature usually came from Spanish literature. The vice president of Argentina has to be Catholic. There are a lot of reptile fossils in the museum " La Plata." I think Argentina might be a good place to live.

Your Son,