The Great Tapir Adventure
by Michael

Tapirblb.bmp (74452 bytes)WHOOSH! A net was thrown over Donny a Malayan Tapir. Hunters appeared out of a bush. They were fat, short, ugly, and had missing teeth in their mouth. Donny got frightened and went crazy trying to get out. This could be the end of his thirty year life span. The hunters were saying "Look this is a big one, it will be perfect for selling.’’ Then they heard a car coming, grabbed Donny and ran away with him.

In an approaching car was Michael, an animal policeman, who was muscular, tall, and very brave. When he saw the footprints he followed them and saw the hunters go in their secret hide out.

The hide out was a damp cave deep within the forest. There, Michael saw Donny thrown in a cage. Michael was mad because Donny could be sleeping under bushes and thickets, and he could eat fallen fruit, leaves, and buds in the forest but now he was trapped in a cage. Michael knew he had to save Donny and bring him to his homeland, the warm wet climate of the tropical rain forest. Once again, a tapir’s life was threatened by humans.

So Michael went back to the forest police station and made a plan with them to rescue the tapir. The plan was that Michael will pretend he is a hunter. Michael will sneak past the hunters to where the tapir is. He will free Donny from his cage and bring him outside where the forest police are waiting. Then the forest police would go and arrest the hunters inside.

So they tried the plan and Michael got to Donny but got caught trying to free him. Michael got thrown in a small cage as if he were a baseball but… his shoe is a secret radio and he contacts the forest police that are outside and tells them what happened. The police come and free Michael but the hunters grab Donny and get away with him in their car.

The tapir gets startled in the car and goes bezerk like a person running from a lion. Donny breaks the engine of the car and that brings the car to a sudden stop. The police follow the tire tracks from the car and find the hunters and Donny.

They arrest the hunters and the Donny is taken back to the home to the tropical rainforest where Michael can carefully watch him.