The Golden Lion Tamarin Family Named Gordon
By Wayne

Tamarin.bmp (33806 bytes)Bob and Sabrina Gordon, and their children Joseph, Tommy and Dodo, are small, furry, cuddly Golden Tamarins, that have manes like lions and are the largest group of Tamarins in the world. They often like to travel with other Tamarin families in the treetops. They live in Brazil, in the beautiful rainforest filled with trees and water.

While the Gordon's were searching for some lizards and snakes to eat, they heard some other animals running. Soon, their predators, the feral dogs, were chasing them. Dodo fell from his father's arms. Dodo was very frightened. He wanted to be held and cuddled by his father but he could not find him. Dodo ran up a tree and curled himself into a ball so he could hide. He was safe for awhile. He was hungry so he ate some fruit from the tree.

Bob was worried about his son because it was time for bed and Dodo did not come back to the treehole nest to sleep. Bob, Joseph, and Tommy went out to find Dodo. On their way the group of feral dogs returned. When Tommy heard them he started to scream, yell and jump from tree to tree.

Bob and Joseph began to scream. That scared the feral dogs away. The feral dogs were getting hungrier. They soon saw Dodo eating fruit from the treetop. Because feral dogs don't climb trees they waited until Dodo came to the ground to find more food. When Dodo came down he was surprised by the hungry dogs, captured and eaten. The Gordon family was very sad.