Home Sweet Home
by Nina

Monkey2.bmp (53378 bytes)I, Sara, a squirrel monkey, was hunting for my daily meal in the rainforest's canopy: bugs, berries and leaves. I suddenly heard this noise that was so loud, it almost broke my eardrums! The tree I was in started to shake and I practically fell off! I quickly jumped into another tree, and the one I was in fell to the floor of the rainforest. After that exciting moment, I looked down, and saw a human with what I think was a chainsaw!

I quickly called all the animals, (yeah, even that pesky ocelot that kept on chasing me). We had a meeting to come up with a plan that would stop the human from cutting the canopy, and make him go back where he came from. "How about we tie him up with vines and send him down the Amazon!" Jaguar exclaimed.

"I don't think so." I said, but Jaguar gave me a ravenous look and I had to take back what I said.

"Don’t listen to Sara, she’s just a squirrel monkey with too much fur in her head. Anyway she’s not the boss of the rainforest, I am and I say it’s a good idea!" Ocelot said, "We’re wasting our time here, someone has been yapping too much, we better begin to start making the net."

With a swish of their tails, Ocelot and Jaguar, with all the animals in the rainforest following behind, started off to gather the vines. "I was not yapping too much!" I exclaimed to myself, in the trees, (boy it’s worth having good jumping legs for jumping tree to tree and chase behind other animal swiftly in the trees!)

It took a while, but we finished the net. Then we hid it up in the trees. We set it up so when the human passed by he would trip on a vine that would pull the net upon him. Then we would roll him into the Amazon River. We heard the rustling of leaves and we quickly hid.

The human came, and it went exactly as we planned. First, he tripped on the vine. Then the net fell down on him, and we quickly rolled him into the river. Well, it turns out humans know how to swim! He came back soaked down to the skin, water and sweat dripping from his repulsive face.

"Oh no, he's back!" I screamed. We all quickly went to our meeting place behind the banana tree and thought of another plan

"I knew it wasn't going to work." I said. Jaguar looked even hungrier than usual.

"How about we annoy him with our screech growls and bites?" I asked confidently.

"Great idea Sara." Ocelot said sarcastically, " Any more suggestions?" Since no one else had any ideas we were going to try out the plan I thought of.

"Everyone in position?" Jaguar asked impatiently, but every one was ready. "Get ready, here he comes!" shouted Jaguar. Howls, screeches, growls, loud chirps and noisy squawks filled the rainforest. Jaguar and Ocelot bit and growled at him, when they gave me the signal, I screeched as loud as I could. The human looked annoyed; it was working.

We got louder and louder until, we got so loud that, he screamed "I can’t take it any more, I’m outta here!"

With that, he threw down his saw and gave up. All the animals cheered. We had a big celebration in the rainforest’s honor, protecting the canopy was no funny business! Especially when it was your home and your only protection (besides your claws)!

I’m back in a tree right now eating my beetle; everything is peaceful…. Hey what's that shaking feeling? Oh not this again!