Slowpoke Wants To Be Faster
By Kevin

Sloth.bmp (17634 bytes)A family of sloths lived in South America in the rain forest. His mother's name is Slowqueen and his father's name is Slowking. That day on a Friday April 13, 1989. Slowqueen had one baby sloth. It was weak and they called it Slowpoke. He was too slow when he first started to walk.

He had six friends their names were Mike, Lyndsey, Pat, Kira, Kevin, and Jessica. The problem was his friends were sloths too, but he didn’t understand why they like weren't slow like him.

The next day Slowqueen told Slopoke to go outside and play with his friends. However, his friends said since you can’t run any faster you're too slow to play with us.

So Slowpoke went and asked his father what can I do to get faster? Slowking told Slowpoke to eat good diet of juicy leaves, buds, slender twigs, blossoms, fruits, and small pray. He also suggested that he get more exercise by swimming.

So Slowpoke started to eat better and to exercise more. This was a big change him since he usually could be found resting and eating leaves in the trees.

At first he didn’t see a change but, little by little he began to go faster. Soon there was a smile on his flat round face.

The solution was that Slowpoke got faster by following Slowking’s advice to eat better and get more exercise.