Katie Meets Orbey
by Ashley

Quetzal.bmp (13030 bytes)Katie got into a plane and took off to Guatemala in search of its national bird, the quetzal. When she arrived at one of the biggest hotels in all of Guatemala, she put her bags down and rested.

The next morning, she got to work in search of the quetzal. She got to the rainforest and she saw workmen cutting down trees. Katie triped over a cut down tree while she was amazed by the dazzling colors of the plants.

She found a baby quetzal under leaves. Katie tiptoed trying not to scare him. She guessed that the baby quetzal had fallen from a cut down tree. Katie knew if this continued the quetzal would be extinct. She examined him to make sure he was OK. She thought of names for the baby quetzal, and decided she is going to name him Orbey.

It was hard not to become so attached to Orbey. He so sweet she just wanted to take him home. However,she decided to think of an idea to save the rain forest not only for Orbey but also for other animals. An idea came to her that the road should be built underground, not through the rain forest. Katie went to the government and told them that she wanted to save the rain forest. When she told them her idea, the government agreed to the project.

So they made an underground road. While they were building the under ground road Katie cared for Orbey. Katie fed Orbey insects, fruit, small vertebrates, including frogs, lizards, and snails. When Orbey was full grown and the underground road was done, Orbey’s tail had grown 3 feet and had metalic green on the outside and peach on the inside. Orbey was one of the most beautiful birds. Katie let Orbey free and watched him fly deeper and deeper into the forest. The quetzal was endangered because they were hunted for its feathers and destruction in the rain forest.