The Adventures of Prairie Dogs
by Kristen D.

Prairie.bmp (20036 bytes)Winter was coming soon and the rodent brothers (Also know as Prairie Dogs ) were on their way to Prairie Dog Paradise. Traveling through a warm underground tunnel in Texas. Icky, Sticky and Picky had to fatten up for the winter. At this paradise they can eat sweet grasses, seeds and roots. Also while at Prairie Dog paradise they wanted to get a make over. Their brown outer covering needed cleaning and preparation for the winter. They were traveling through a burrow tunnel to keep away from their predators, such as foxes, coyotes and rattlesnakes.

So they were on there way to their remarkable place called Prairie Dog Paradise. When Icky came to a blocked channel and Icky did his large fierce cry telling his brothers that the burrow was closed. Icky, Sticky and Picky said to themself, "What should we do?" they had a notion! Icky, Sticky and Picky were going to travel the road. Icky almost got hit by a truck

A person almost hit Sticky on rollerblades and A person in a car almost hit Picky. Then Sticky decides to build a bigger tunnel. The soil was very squishy and very difficult to dig through. Every time he dug a hole it would fill back up again. We went through another tunnel and it lead us to Prairie Dog Paradise.

We finally got our makeovers (which was a thrill). Our friends said that we looked so fantastic.

Picky said, "Next stop is the bus." So on their way on the bus was Home sweet home for the Prairie Dogs.