Trouble with the Peregrine Falcons
by Patrick

Falcon.bmp (214656 bytes)BANG! Hunter, with rotting teeth, shot a bullet straight at Sideburn’s mother and knocked her over on her back. "She's not moving!" said Buckbeak. Buckbeak was Sideburn’s best friend at the time, so she comforted him because of his loss. Sideburn told her that he wanted revenge on the hideous hunter who had purposely shot his mother. Then he ran away without a word. They were out stalking their food when it all happened. So Buckbeak tried to lighten things up with a game of chicken. Buckbeak reached the pigeon before Sideburn, because Buckbeak reached the speed of almost 200 mph!

They would see their prey from above and would swoop down and hurt the prey with their talons. They both knew the other was not going to move so they crashed into each other and ever since they have rarely talked about their loss.


The next day they spotted some hunters and thought it was weird that they had no guns. So they started to swoop down on them, to get them away from their territory. But then they saw they were armed, with a NET! WHOOSH! The hunters threw the net over the falcons the second they saw them. They were going crazy under that net so the hunters had to knock them out. The hunters took them to New York City and let them loose to stop the pigeon problem. When they woke up it seemed they were in another world.

Buckbeak and Sideburn flew around the New York City to find a nest to mate in. They found a perfect spot to nest on the top of a tall building so they could get prey without having to fly up to fly down.

That night the city was sprayed with DDT to kill mosquitoes. The falcons did not get affected from the actual food. It killed some mosquitoes but some mosquitoes only got sick. The small birds ate the mosquitoes that were sick and the birds got sick. Then the family of newborn falcons ate the small birds that ate the bugs. So after a while the baby falcons grew up and mated with others. The eggshells were thin from the DDT so the eggs were in pieces.

If falcons live to 50 years, they can't be sick all their life or they’ll die The number of falcons got smaller and smaller until the Falcon was put on the endangered list.

Now the falcon numbers are coming back because some scientists took the eggshells to a laboratory where scientists bread them. Then they let them let them back into Arizona.

A couple days after one of Sideburn's grand-children was let into the wild, it was flying over a forest. The hunter who had shot Sideburn's mother was in the forest, hunting again with a park ranger hidden nearby.

The hunter aimed and fired at the grandchild but missed and at the same time the park ranger came out from hiding and arrested the outlaw. He was taken to jail for shooting at an endangered animal, and was fined for $1,500.00's! After that he never hunted again.