Hunt for the Ocelots
by Paul

Ocelot.bmp (36198 bytes)Crunch! There it was again. The sound of stirring leaves getting closer and closer. It was a hot day, as it usually was, and Josh, a young ocelot, had his ears perked up and was at attention. He was swimming, all ocelots can, but when he heard that movement he knew that there was going to be trouble.

Bang!!! Out of the woods, a bullet shot directly into Josh’s left leg. There was a rustling coming from the woods. He panicked and attempted to run away, but all he could do was limp away into the forest. He heard one of the poachers say, "Those pesky ocelots only live about 20 years, so why don't we kill them now? I mean all we want is their coats. Isn't that why they are endangered? How could they become extinct? They are in a lot of places of the world. I know they are in Mexico, Central America, South America, North Argintina, Paraguay, and Ecuador," said Jeff.

"Oh, stop showing off, Jeff," came another voice from the woods, "Let's just find them an’ kill ‘em instead of doing a report on them."

As the poachers were talking, Josh thought, " Oh no, I will never be able to outrun these hunters. I will have to find a hiding place until they go away." Suddenly, he saw a fallen tree and dug a hole under it to hide. He squeezed into the hole so he was completely out of sight. "Now those poachers won’t be able to find me," thought Josh. Finally, the poachers gave up trying to find him and went away. Josh got out of his hiding place and he started to walk aimlessly.

Josh met a squirrel monkey hanging in the trees and told him all about the poachers. The monkey replied, "You will never be able to go back to the stream because the poachers will have set camp there."

Night started to fall and he decided to stop at a nearby stream for the night. He was terribly hungry and wanted a tender bird, fish or a rodent for dinner, but he knew that that could not happen because of his injured leg. As he stopped for some water, a flash of dark tan swished pass a tree. It had black spots and stripes. Josh went over to investigate and found out that it was a girl ocelot named Samantha. Then he told her all about the poachers and the squirrel monkey that said never to go back to the stream again. Samantha said, "I will help get rid of the poachers if you want me to."

"Thanks a lot," Josh replied, "but now let’s get some rest. I’m very tired."

When the hot sun rose into the sky, the two sleepy ocelots woke up and started to walk along the waters edge. They walked and walked until they got too tired to walk anymore. They stopped at a clearing in the woods to sleep. After their nap, they awoke to find an ocelot munching on a rabbit. He to, had a dark tan coat and dark black spots.

"Hi, my name is Josh" Josh said sleepily.

" I know your name, and I know why you are here instead of your real home, " Jómbe replied.

"Who are you?" questioned Josh.

"My name is Jómbe. The ocelot who knows all, present, past and future. I have a plan to get rid of those poachers that have invaded you're space. We could gather vines and weave a net. Then we could throw it over the poachers and trap them in it. Then we could push them into the alligator pit."

"First let's gather some vines. You, over there, go that way." He pointed at Samantha. " Josh and I will go this way. We will meet in an hour."

After they all got together again, they made a sturdy net out of the vines they had gathered. They found their way back to Josh's stream and threw the net over the poachers. Then, they dragged them into the alligator pit kicking and screaming.

"Well, finally I can have some peace and quite." Josh said.