The Stolen Jaguar
by Carina

Jaguar.bmp (22550 bytes)I'm Spotty, the Jaguar. A few days ago a dreadful thing nearly happened, but my heroic older sister, Golden saved the day. This story starts on the warm day of my first hunt, and I had just found my prey to eat for dinner that night. Just as I was approaching my prey, the tapir, I felt a tug on my spotty fur. I looked back and there was a nail stuck on my fur. When I finally got the nail off I noticed that the tapir had run away and it was getting dark and gloomy outside. Soon I noticed that I was not in a place that I knew, so I just settled there for the night because I did not want to get more lost than I was.

The next day my older sister, Golden, came looking for me because my mother was worried about me. She knew every place in the rain forest. In my opinion she would have an easier time searching for me than my mother or my friends. My sister was looking for me and she had some of her friends help her search for me.

When I woke up I was in a wire-fenced truck. At the time I did not know where I was going but I would soon find out. All of a sudden the truck stopped. I noticed that the driver said, "It is Mr. Point," and the door opened. Soon after that I found myself locked up in a cell. All around me were other animals. Right across from me I saw a panther that was trying to claw its way out. Since we were both locked up I thought that I should ask him a question, so I asked him, "How should we get out of here?" He replied, "I don't know." All of a sudden we all saw a little passage in the room opened, and out came my big sister, Golden. Then, she let all of the animals out, and as soon I was going to say, "Thank You," she said, "Don't talk, we have to sneak out of here first. " Soon enough we were out and running away from the spooky place.

When I got home I asked my sister, "How did you find us?" She answered " While I was searching for you I saw a little cabin on a hill, so I explored. When I came to the house, I accidentally stepped on a rock and the door opened up. That was how I was saved you from that horrible place."