Sara The Hawksbill Turtle
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It was a happy sunshine day on the northern coast of Florida, when Sara Hawksbill was told to come out to play with her friends. It is like tropical weather, with its humid climate and fresh smell. When she returned, her mother scolded her because she just finished cleaning the house and now she had more work. She told Sara to go take a bath while she cleaned Sara's muddy mess. Sara thought that her mother was just saying this, but with the look on her mother's face she went anyway. Once Sara got there, she saw her friend, the fisherman, having trouble-catching fish. So she went to him and told him, "I will get some fish for you." Then she went down in the water and grabbed some fish with her hooked beak. The fisherman was overseeing her with interest because under the water her body really looked like a hawk. She had a patterned shell and beautiful body that had two claws at the front flaps. When she returned and gave the fish to the fisherman, she realized that she had to take a bath. After her bath she came home and saw that mama did not return yet. So she went to get dinner ready for mama, papa, and herself.

Mama still didn't return. Even though when papa returned home from work, Sara asked him, "Did you see mama while you came this way home?"

Papa answered, "No darling, Why?"

"Because mama didn't come home for a very long time. Can I go down to the reef to see if she is there?" asked Sara.

" OK, but do be careful sweetheart because I was told at work that there is a dangerous hunter roaming the land for our beautiful shells for money."

"I'll be careful pa, promise."

With that, Sara trailed down the sandy path where she last saw her mother. It was empty expect for big shuffling boots. Sara was frightened to her shell. She thought that what if the bulky, hard-featured hunter must have kidnapped her mother. Now she knew what her parents feared the most "The Furious Hunter." What she needed was help, then it hit her. Her friend the fisherman is human, but would he help? She had no choice but to ask him, so she went of to find him. On her way down, she asked other hawksbills if they saw her mother Laura Hawksbill. They answered yes, but not happily.

When she reached the fisherman’s house she was shocked because he was not there. He will never leave without his favorite coat. After leaving the hut she went back on her search for the hunter and her mother. Once night fell she went back home to Pa empty handed. When she reached home Pa was waiting for her. He was frowning. He said, "Sweetheart, Ma will never return she was taken by the hunter to a land not to far away from here." Then Sara knew what had happened, why the others were frowning when she asked about her ma.

Then she asked, "Is she in danger? Are they going to kill her." Her Pa nodded. Sara cried and cried. She knew that now no one can save her mother. What she could do was just sit and cry.

So Sara and her father just stayed home without their mother and wife. At the dinner table they'll just sit and stare at the empty place where their mother/wife used to eat her food. At a time they would just think that their mother/wife would be making their food or staying with Sara at the reef. But now only her father would be with her at the reef or gets some squid for us. Ma would be the most important subject that everyone would talk about. When Sara ever goes down to the reef she would always look around if the hunter or any sign of her mother was there. One day there was news that the hunter was here and was living in a hut. Somehow Sara’s mind was racing. If the hunter was back that meant more danger and it would be easy for Sara to figure out if her mother was OK. Later that evening while Sara slept peacefully on the sandy floor of her home, she heard big shuffling boots on the sand. It wasn’t very peaceful either. Later Sara found herself awaken from the morning dew but in a cage. She was frightened but not any longer when a peaceful hand did feed her. Then she heard a human mumble a few words, which she couldn’t understand but realized that the human actually felt sorry for her.

After a couple of months a human took care of Sara. Soon after Sara realized that the human was actually trying to save her. One day while she was having some squid for dinner the human picked her up and carefully brought her to the wild again but not her old sandy home but a new one. After wondering there awhile Sara realized why the human brought her here to lay her eggs. After awhile Sara was digging a big huge hole in the sand. Then she laid her eggs. After she laid her eggs, Sara was taken back with the human to the lab. Sara afterwards was a protected animal in the endangered species list with her kind.