The Dream
by Carolyn

Furseal.bmp (28784 bytes)Florence! Be on time for supper or you’ll have to stay in this sea cave for a month! lectured my mother.

"I am going now!" I yelled back. Before I closed the door I heard her say something about me never listening to her. I pretended not to hear because I hate it when she does that!

When I arrived at Mr. Koosh’s house, Mr. Koosh said the poachers were back and he was afraid he would not be able to visit his sister who lives on the other islands Whoever tries to stand up to them will be dead or will be hurt badly.

Later that day, the Galapagos fur seal newscaster said Humans are trying to kill us for our fur and merchandise. More news at six o'clock.

"Oh no," said Peter," now Grandma can not come to visit this week! "We were going to have a delightful weekend," he said.

The next day Peter and I went out into the chilling island to visit Mister Koosh. When we got there, he was blowing his nose saying "Oh this is going to be dreadful, I think we should do something about this."

"Do not worry," I said thinking to myself, saying what should I do?

That night I waited until everyone was asleep thinking to myself why am I doing this? Before I could stop myself, I was in the ocean the it kept on pushing me I almost smacked into a iceberg. All of a sudden, I awoke in my bed I felt a drip of sweat down my face, so it was all a dream. I went back to bed.

The next day during breakfast while eating fish and squid. I told my mother about my dream. When I was finished, Mom said, "Well I do not know what to say, but one thing is it looks to me like poachers are coming," while peering out of the window.