By Vineet Khanna

Whale.bmp (194258 bytes)One day in the Pacific Ocean, a mother bluewhale was having a baby. The first thing he did was get milk from his mom. Then the mother looked at him and said. " He’s pretty puny for a baby bluewhale." They named him TJ.

Then after a couple of days the herd finds out there are whalers in their little part of the Pacific Ocean. Then when the herd thinks they’re safe, the whalers strike and kill the herd, only TJ survived. So he started living with his friend Billy the humpback whale in the Arctic Ocean the heard of humpback whales helps him out by feeding him, but he still won't develop. Then the herd find out that there are whalers in there part of the Arctic Ocean. So then the heard is killed, but only Billy and TJ live. So now only those two are alive, that means extra work like hunting for their own food. Billy and TJ find a place to live. Now that TJ and Billy have to hunt for their own food, TJ got lucky and started growing bigger.

Then they migrated to the south coast of Russia, Georgia. They moved there because their old house was getting small for them. Here they hoped to have a better life than in the Arctic. The house was pretty big and 1000 people could live there.

Then after a couple of years they got used to this hard work that they had to do. One day TJ came to a cave full of krill, which is his favorite food. He eats it all and he grows some more. By now he's about 70 feet long

Then he’s not doing well catching fish. So TJ and Billy stop eating their daily amount of food. TJ stops growing for now at 90 feet.

TJ was lucky again, and one day he found another cave full of krill. This time it was triple the amount.

Then one day they find out the whalers are hunting them. Then the whalers caught TJ. When they measured him, at they measured him 110 feet long. They found out that he became the largest Blue whale in the world. Then they put him back in his rightful home. So now the two great friends roamed the sea with no fright.