by Debora

Ferret.bmp (11934 bytes)Seth is chasing me! He has his evil eyes set on me because he is my enemy. I know he is not going to stop until he gets tired or catches me. So, tomorrow he will be back again.

As I am going home, I am very tired, but thoughtfully I decide to run away because I know that, sooner or later, Seth is going to catch me. Before I go away, I will first leave a sorrowful letter to my parents. I am going to go far away where Seth will not be able to find me. I go to my room and I begin to pack my things. One of the things was a left over meat from a small bird.

All of the sudden, I hear a noise. It sounds like words saying, "Come out, come out, where ever you are." Right then, my senses told me it was Seth. All that I could picture was the coyote’s jagged teeth and glaring eyes. I ran as fast as possible out of my prairie dog home and into hiding. I did not stop for anything for about an hour, because he was gaining on me.

After he stopped I jerked, to a halt. Soon I calmed down, and looked for the meal that I packed. I realized that the left over meat was not there! I had lost it when I was running and there was no food around. I felt weaker and weaker as I looked. I thought I was going to die of hunger, but my spirit was up, because I am one of the 440 in my species. I did not want to give up. After three days I found food, but it was not the prairie dog which I really, really wanted. That is one of the reasons I am in endangered my food supply is running low. All I found was a rabbit and a small snake that I hunted down at night by using my sharp night vision.

Now I am starting my new life in Wyoming, and I live in a prairie dog home. I killed the prairie dog at night and it became mine, and it's home become mine too. I have a wife and children that look like me. They have yellowish-buff color on their bodies a dark- colored mask across the face, black legs and feet, and a black tipped tail in the winter, but in the summer they will shed and have a thin coat. Now I know I made the right decision, but I still miss my parents but I guess that is what I had to do if I wanted to survive in the wild prairie as a black-footed ferret.