The Bald Eagle: The Master of the Sky
by Ryan

Eagle.bmp (68926 bytes)One night Feathers, the Bald Eagle, was soaring through the dark and gloomy sky with his brother, Spikes. They saw people trying to kill the other bald eagles. So the two eagles went further south for safety. All of the sudden as they were flying through the sky, they saw a duck near the farmer's crops. Feathers and Spikes wanted to eat it so they went downward. As they were about to eat it, they realized the duck was a statue. When they were down there they also saw some insects. They remembered that their mother always wanted them to try insects, so they did.

One day they saw the farmer carrying a gun, so they ran away. This happened for two more days. The farmer was mad that he could not catch the eagles, so he planned a sneak attack. Then he realized that the eagles were eating the insects on his farm and not the crops. In fact, the eagles were helping the farmer grow his crops. So it was like he adopted the eagles because he took care of them since they took care of his crop.

Then the other people in the town saw the eagles and wanted them for their feather to get money. So they tried to catch the eagles and kill them. To keep the eagles safe, the farmer kept the eagles in his house. Then the other people saw some other eagles and then they tried to kill the other eagles and they did kill some of the other eagles. Even after they killed other eagles, the people were still after the farmer's eagles. The eagles got ferocious and the eagles began fitting back. The people got afraid and they stopped trying to kill the eagles.

Then one day, someone from another state came to ask if he could buy some food. The farmer said, "Yes." So the guy told every one to buy food there because it tasted so good and they all went.

Finally, the farmer did not need the eagles anymore because they already ate all the bugs, so he let the eagles free. But, a month later the eagles came back and the farmer was not there, someone else was there. Then they found out that the farmer's ranch was further down south. So they went there and they saw the farmer. They found that the farmer's crops were not doing that well, and neither was the farmer. They decided to stay and help out again. Then a couple of days later, they went for a drink for about 30 minutes. When they went back to the farmer’s home, he was not there. All they saw was a car and there was a black thing in it, so they went to go see what it was. The farmer was in it, and it was a coffin.

Finally they found out that he was dead and when they went in the town, all the people were trying to kill the eagles again. So they went back to their mom at her nest. They went there because they did not have anyone to take care of them, so they went to their moms to take care of them.