by Meryl

Parrot2.bmp (61442 bytes)Poachers are hunting the Bahama Parrots in Abaco, one of the islands in the Bahamas. Narnia, a baby Bahama Parrot, leaves the nest on a sunny tropical day, with not knowing what lies ahead of him.

Narnia's screeching parents called for him but it was too late! When Narnia came back to the nest, on the side of the mountain, he finds that his family has been captured by the poachers and killed for food. Narnia was broken hearted and frightened. He knew that he would never see his loving family again.

He hears a gunshot and a voice. It said, "Now I got that small green and red feather brain." A bullet strikes him on the edge of the wing. He starts to fall he lands right into a nest on the edge of the rocky mountain." Darn, he fell into that nest on the edge of that mountain," said the poacher. There, Narnia rested for the day.

When he woke up the poachers were still hunting the Bahama Parrot. So he decided to leave Abaco. Even if it would be hard to give up friends, food, and even shelter but it would be a lot safer.

He was a little off the coast of Abaco when he spotted land. Then he heard a familiar voice. He turned around it was Sandy his friend.

Narnia said, "Come with me," so Sandy did. Sandy and Narnia flew to Inagua together and Sandy.They built a nest out of grasses and sticks on a side of a rough, high mountain and laid five eggs in it. Narnia went to search for their favorite foods grapes and mangoes.

"Now thanks to poachers we are endangered. Once we flew around for fun now we fly in fear," said Narnia.

"I know," said Sandy. Crack, crack, crack, crack, crack! All five eggs hatched open and a new population of Bahama Parrots was born!