The Dance of the Prairie Chicken
by Matthew

Prairie.bmp (42670 bytes)Boom, boom, boom! Oh hi, I’m Boom, a male prairie chicken living in the vast prairies of Texas. This fall, with its blazing colors, I’m ready to dance to attract a girlfriend and mate with her. Right now I’m practicing for my first dance on this crisp autumn day. So far, so good. Dancing is very sophisticated. I had enough room and it looks like I’m going to be succes… AAAAHHHHH!

Down I went, another prairie chicken ran into me. Why would someone interrupt me during practices? Practices don't attract girls. Then I looked up I saw an evil chicken named Kablooey. Kablooey was tough and picked on younger chickens. He was very popular because he was handsome and always danced correctly. "Get out of my way you peewee prairie chicken," screamed Kablooey," or I’ll beat-you-up you lousy, good-for-nothin’ chicken." Then, he jumped on me. He scratched me and he did beat-me-up. The fights went on for weeks, even when I was about to get some pretty girlfriends. Fights usually occur with other unfortunate prairie chicken

Then, after one battle with Kablooey a wise, old prairie dog came up to me. "You aren't getting any girlfriends, are you?" the old prairie dog asked me. I shook my head sadly. "Well," answered the prairie dog," I can help you. I trained Kablooey, but only for good not evil. Now I will train you." I was shocked. So I obediently followed the old prairie dog to his burrow were I was trained me for many days until I was ready.

There were many animals at the battle. Unfortunately most of the animals wanted Kablooey to win. Finally, the fight began.

Kablooey started the fight by trying to jump on me, but I easily dodged his attack. Then, I started pecking and scratching him. Kablooey was howling in pain. It was beautiful. I finally ended the battle by using a body slam attack. Kablooey immediately got up and stormed into the bushes. I was so happy I danced right at the spot and got every girls attention on the field.