Eliza and Cam's Adventure
by Corinne

Anteater.bmp (9014 bytes)Eliza and Cam are packing their bags! They are going on an adventurous trip to South America to find an endangered animal. They decided to go to Brazil.

When they arrived they met a local scientist in Brazil who told them that there is only one anteater left in the grasslands. The scientist said that they could borrow his motor home to the grasslands in search of the last anteater. There they saw tropical rainforest. They hope that they can somehow save the species in South America.

It took about two days until they saw a gloomy shadow figure. It was the anteater and, it was eating termites by putting its sticky tongue in the broken tree stump of the hole.

It was shading it’s self with it’s tail. It looked about 25 years old,

It was a female. Most anteaters weighed 40-86 lbs this one looked about 50 lbs it had straw like hair, to maintain its body temperature.

They called the Bronx Zoo to see if they could use an anteater or if the zoo could send a male anteater to Brazil. Cam and Eliza were hoping they would someday have a baby anteater. Since they already had a female Anteater they needed a male so they could have a baby.

Eliza and Cam traveled back to New York and the Bronx Zoo to pick up the male anteater they did this courtesy of the National Breeding Program. Now it is spring, and they are back in Brazil with the two anteaters.

The new anteater is born after a pregnancy of 190 days. The baby stays with its mother, until she is pregnant again! Eliza and Cam are very proud that they saved an endangered species.