Endangered Animals
by 5th Grade

We challenged our students to learn as much as they could about an endangered animal. They wrote a story using what they had learned. They also created an illustration in Kid Pix to accompany their story.


Amazon Manatee by Amanda P.
American Crocodile by Stan
American Alligator by George
Anteater by Corinne
Attwater Prairie Chicken by Matthew
Bahama Parrot by Meryl
Bald Eagle by Ryan
Blackfooted Ferret by Briana
Blackfooted Ferret by Debora
Blue Whale by Vineet
Blue Whale by Stephanie
California Condor by Eric
Camin by Sean
Cougar by Kristen H.
Eastern Cougar by Kira
Galapagos Fur Seal by Carolyn
Galapagos Giant Tortoise by Donny
Galapagos Iguana by Jeanine
Golden Lion Tamarin by Wayne
Goliath Frog by Walter
Gray Wolf by Danny
Hawksbill Turtle by Sabina
Hawksbill Turtle by Chris F.
Humpback Whale by Lukas
Hyacinth Macaw by Chris P.
Jaguar by Carina
Jaguar by Darrielle
Kemps Ridley Turtle by Jason
Kirtland Warbler by Anand
Manatee by Alison
Margay by Ginna
Ocelot by Paul
Peregrine Falcon by Patrick
Polar Bear by Lyndsey
Prairie Dog by Kristen D.
Pronghorn Antelope by Katherine
Quetzal by Ashley
Red Wolf by Kyle
Sea Lion by Kim
Sloth by Kevin
Squirrel Monkey by Nina
Tamarin by Amanda G.
Tapir by Michael
Vicuna by Shalexis
Whooping Crane by Bhavya

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                    Created November 1999
                by 5th grade students at
                Pocantico Hills School
                Sleepy Hollow, NY