The Crocodile’s Escape
By Stan

Croc.bmp (100252 bytes)One gloomy night, on the coast of Florida, two adult American Crocodiles were hunting for fish. They left their baby by himself at home because they didn't want to wake him. The mother’s name was Crocy, the father’s was Croc and the little baby's name was Crocodyly. The crocodiles had a happy life because the only predators that they have are hunters, and they weren’t hunting in that area, at least, not NOW. Croc weighed over 200 pounds so it was slightly difficult for him to get around, but on the other hand Crocy weighed about 70 pounds less. Crocodyly was still a baby but already weighed around 50 pounds or so and was gaining weight by the day. When Croc and Crocy came back home they had found that Crocodyly was gone.

Croc and Crocy started searching everywhere, they went to the birds to ask if they had seen Crocodyly, but the birds flew away because they thought that the crocodiles were going to eat them. Next they went to the fish, but they were sleeping so they decided to wake them. Almost all of them swam away but one of them stayed because he was to frightened to move. A minute or so passed and the fish still lay there frightened to death, the fish started mumbling out a question, "Aren't you, gggoing to eat meee.?"

Croc took a second and said, "No, I can't eat." Tears started coming out of his eyes.

"I wanted to ask you if you have seen our child Crocodyly."

The fish took a deep breath and answered,"Oh, I'm sorry," he continued, "Yes I have, but it is not good news, the hunters took him, but I don’t know where. I heard they said that they were coming back for you."

"So they will, " whispered Croc proudly. They thanked the fish and swam back home slowly.

About a week later the crocodiles were about to lose hope, but then a truck pulled up and two men stepped out. The men were wearing alligator slippers, shirts, and crocodile pants. The Hunters made their way out to the sea, and so did the crocodile, with Croc leading the way. The hunters took their weapons out and started looking for fish. The hunters saw Crocy, and shot a tranquilizer at her. They stared for a second and immediately saw Croc creeping up but Croc was too late, they had shot him in a split second.

They had woken up in a cage that was red. The hunters were teasing the crocodiles merely for fun, but the crocodiles were not listening. The hunters were bringing something near, something dripping with blood. It was, Crocodyly, Croc was roaring so loud that the hunters were closing their ears, but on the other hand, Crocy was crying. A minute past and the hunters were still laughing.

The next day while the crocodiles were sleeping, a man came over, but he woke Croc up but by accident, now Croc was pretending to be asleep. The man tried to put some food inside, and he had to open the cage a little. Crocy suddenly rammed into the cage and knocked the hunter unconscious. Now that the door was open Croc woke Crocy and together they started running back to their home to continue sleeping.

The hunter woke up and noticed that the crocodiles were gone so he told the others, and went after them. In a half an hour they found the crocodiles and tried to run them over, but the crocodiles bit their tire. A few seconds later the car crashed into a hard tree and exploded. The crocodiles waited but nobody came out. They went home, and in about two years laid another patch of eggs. The crocodiles lived happily ever after.